April 2007 Meeting


Search engine optimization expert John Sherrod of Primedia presented:

Increasing Search Engine Visibility
Practical SEO for Successful Online Businesses


About the Presentation

Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. "SEO" is often considered "rocket science", "black magic" or "effortless" depending on one's experience with search engines. These days, what is not done is often as important as what is done to a site these days as search engines constantly tweak their algorithms to combat those who seek to spam their result pages. The best programmers are often guilty of over-optimizing a site and getting banned from the search engines indexes and otherwise saavy business owners often under-optimize their sites and fail to achieve top rankings.

Among search engine optimization and marketing professionals, there are many quirky techniques and "flavors of the month". However, John has seen these techniques come and go and will explain how you should instead use a solid and straight-forward approach that is far less likely to risk you loosing your search engine result rankings when the search engines change their algorithms in their ongoing attempts to increase relevency and combat search engine spam. John will explain the success factors and what pitfalls to avoid in order so that you may achieve high rankings in the search engine result pages for your website(s) over the long term.

About John Sherrod

John Sherrod is one of the leading experts on "organic" and "white-hat" search engine optimization in the Southeast. John has been with Primedia since 2000 and was responsible for creating the SEO strategies for numerous nationwide brands including apartmentguide.com and rentals.com. In particular, John has chosen to focus on learning in depth natural search optimization for dynamic, data driven websites. John has been a regular participant in Search Engine Strategies conferences since 2003 and he has developed strong relationships with key search engine engineers, authors and bloggers.

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John Sherrod has made his slides available on his blog: SEO Presentation in Atlanta.


Pictures taken my Mike Schinkel, Barb Prebble, Moreno Aguiari, and a few others are available on Flickr.

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The event was incredible, with over 70 people in attendance!


This event would not have worked as well as it did without the efforts of a lot of people:


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The meeting was held at The Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Midtown Atlanta at the corner of Spring and 5th, across I-75/85 from Georgia Tech.


The Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center
800 Spring Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: (404) 347-9440